Art & Illustration

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Hello my name is Simone Wolowiec and I’m an Australian artist and illustrator having recently relocated back to my home city Melbourne, Australia, after 9 years based in San Diego, California.  I create playful, humorous images, using oil and acrylic on canvas, that exist in a fantasy world. I love to create ‘art to simply make you smile’ and I hope, after seeing my work, that you will find I have succeeded!

I began my career as an artist after retiring as a professional athlete. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since childhood, but curiosity and a passion for transforming a blank canvas into an imaginative scene led me to take art classes in my home city of Melbourne.  

Today I am blessed to spend my days creating art for people.  I've completed illustration works for four published children’s books, and a collection of original paintings (oil on canvas), including several commissions for local art-lovers in Southern California.